Most of London's later glasshouses have not been recorded. Indeed, most of them no longer exist. If you have any evidence for a 19th-20th century glasshouse, or even an early one not listed below, please let me know.

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Below in alphabetical order of the name of the site is my current list of recorded glass houses etc. Except for the Chelsea glasshouse they are all examined in detail in my book.

For the Managers and Owners of each glasshouse and the type of glass produced see the corresponding entry numbers in Part 2 below.


1Blackfriars, off Ludgate Hill1596perhaps by 1746 (Rocque's map)
2Charterhouse Yard, North Londonc. 1661?
3Chelsea (next to the Physic Garden)before 16751681
4Cockpit, Gravel Lane, Southwarkby 1693Before 1815, possibly by 1790
5East Smithfield (Rocque's map)??
6Falcon Millpond, Gravel Lane, Sthk.c.1768c. 1803
7Falcon, Gravel Lane, Southwarkby 1693Before 1815, possibly by 1790
8Fulham17th century?
9Glass House Fields, Ratcliffe 1from c.15401795 fire
10Glass House Fields, Ratcliffe 21856by c. 2000
11Goodman's Yard, Minoriesbefore 1641c.1699
12Greenwich 1c. 1575Perhaps taken over in 1606
13Greenwich 2c. 1595?
14Greenwich 31641Closed by Mansell until 1642
15Greenwich 41661after 1673
16Kings Arms Stairs, Lambethc. 1700perhaps 1729, but before 1836
17New Falcon, Gravel Lane, Sthk.18031878
18Pye (Pike) Green, Bankside?1773
19Red Maid Lane, Hemitage Dock.probably c. 1661before 1801
20Salibury Court, off Fleet Street.??
21Saltpetre Bank, off Royal Mint St.1678-1684c. 1802
23Savoy1683Before 1775 (John Strype's accnt.)
24Stony Street, Southwark1703 - 1710c. 1766
25White glasshouse, Stony St, Southwarkby 1732c. 1766
26The Bear Garden, Bankside 21671Before 1741 (Rocque's map); 1759 site a foundry
27The Bear Garden, Bankside 1?1671
28Upper Ground, Southwarkc. 1718c. 1769
29Vauxhall (Spring Garden)1661Before 1792 (Horwood map)
30Vauxhall (Bridge foot)1675c. 1681 then late 18th century
31Vauxhall (Saracen Inn)c. 1616?
32Whitefriars, Water Lane, Fleet St.1702? But from 17201923
33Winchester Hse, Southwark 1before 1661by 1661
34Winchester Hse, Southwark 216611700
35Woolwichc. 1621c. 1700 - 1703

PART 2 - Managers and Owners

 Glasshouse Managers and Ownersproducts
1Sir Jerome Bowes with RobsonWhite glass
2Martin Clifford and Thomas PauldonCristal glass
3John BakerMirror plates (perhaps some tableware. Possibly a maker of Ravenscroft's sealed glasses.)
4Francis Jackson and John Straw, later Hughes and HallWhite and green glass
5Unknown, perhaps associated with Saltpetre Bank glasshouse?
6Wm. Barnes later Cox and Farquharson, later probably Green and PellattTableware and coloured enamels
7Francis Jackson and John StrawBottles
8Sir Nicholas Crisp (London Archaeologist 12, Supp, 1, (2008) pp 16-17.)Beads
9John Smith, later Mansell, later John Bowles and familywhite glass, later crown window glass
10Thomas Ide, became T&W Ide, later James Hetley in 1991Bending and decorating plate glass
11Bevis Thelwell, later Edmund Lewing, Later Michael RackettBottles, later white and green glass
12Jacob Verselini (d. 1606)Venetian tableware
13Madelin and Isaac Bongard (doubtful if established)Window glass
14Jeremiah Bagg (Bague) and Francis BristowTableware
15Buckingham, Duke of (ownership evidence uncertain. See Charleston's English Glass)Venetian tableware
16John Gumley, with John Turing from 1727, later uncertainMirrors
17Apsley PellattCrystal tableware
18Messrs. Armistead and PhilpotCut and coloured tableware
19Duke of York who became James IIcrystal
20UnknownCrystal tableware
21Dallow family, later Richard RusselGreen glass, later flint and mirrors
22George Ravenscroft, Bishopp from 1683Bijouterie (calcedonio) and lead crystal
23Henry HoldenTableware, possibly opaque white glass (no poisonous ingredients)
24Francis JacksonBottles and vials
25Francis Jackson, later Benjamin Bowles by 1744 (White Glasshouse)crystal, coloured and opaque white glass
26John Bowles and Wm. Lillington from 1671; Hookes/Dodsworth syndicate from 1691Green, window glass and white (crystal ware)
27Unknown (from the contract to Bowles and Lillington and a possible 1667/8 visit by Gustav Johan Jung)Probably white and green glass from separate furnaces
28Strype, later Flower And BarrassBottles (perhaps green glass)
29Buckingham, Duke of, later John BowlesMirror plates (perhaps some tableware)
30John Baker and George Ravenscroft, Bellingham from 1681Mirror plates (perhaps some tableware)
31Sir Edward ZoucheWindow glass
32Anthony Seal from 1720, later James PowellWhite and coloured glass
33Unknown (mentioned in the first contract for the St. Mary Overy Great Bottlehouse)Possibly the 1st coal-fired furnace making window glass
34St. Mary Overy Great Bottle HouseBottles
35Ananias Henzey, from c. 1691 Robt. Hookes and Chris. DodsworthBroad window glass, later mirrors and ruby glass