Working Pre-made Glass

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Glass Working Firms (in alphabetical order)

Followed by a list of known glass importers.

Very little is known about most of these firms apart from what has been obtained from directories. More information about any of these firms would be greatly appreciated.

If you can add to the information about any of these firms please let me know by clicking on the Add New Comment button at the top of the Glasshouses home page.

* Indicates data from the Directory for British Glass Industry, 1956 (Society of Glass Technology).
Addresses given are of the works and not of the London office.
  1. *Anchor Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1942.) North Circular Road, London, N.W.2.

    Lamp-blown scientific, medical and laboratory glassware, glass bending for neon signs, neon lamps, mercury switches.

    Trade name:- Anchor.

  2. *Anglo-French Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 2/8 Honduras Street, Old Street, London, E.C.4.

    Scientific, medical and laboratory glassware, Domestic glassware.

  3. *Apex Glass Co. Ltd. Glass Works, Crouch End, London, N.8.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; stained glass windows, Leaded lights, Mirrors.

    I learn from Thomas Joyce of the Inchore Pressed-Glass Museum on the web that a David Forrest, who was trained by Scottish wheel engraver Helen Munroe, was employed by the Apex Glass Co. in the late 1950's (directors Geoffrey Sandwell and P.H. Williams). It is interesting that Apex Glass were buying the blanks (presumably for engraving) from W.J Wilson of Whitefriars who was giving advice to David Forrest. David Forrest was previously painting scenes at the Royal Opera House.

  4. Balmers Glass Fabrications Ltd. 1 Whippenhall Road, Watford, Herts.

    From Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review 1953 Reference Book. (Glass Animals)

    I originally thought these nicely detailed glass animals were made by Balmers. Having compared examples of Balmers work, which is rather chunky and not very detailed, with those of Pirelli Glass Ltd (see below no. 110) I now think that they are examples of the latter factory. ?I originally thought these nicely detailed glass animals were made by Balmers. Having compared examples of Balmers work, which is rather chunky and not very detailed, with those of Pirelli Glass Ltd (see below no. 110) I now think that they are examples of the latter factory. ? I originally thought these nicely detailed glass animals were made by Balmers. Having compared examples of Balmers work, which is rather chunky and not very detailed, with those of Pirelli Glass Ltd (see below no. 110) I now think that they are examples of the latter factory. ?
  5. *Baldwin (Robert L.) & Lucas (Arthur) (Estd. 1945). 93 Whitton Ave., Greenford, Middlesex.

    Stained glass.

  6. *Barrett (Frederick) (Estd. 1918). Proprietor F. Barrett, 2 Silver Street, Enfield, Middlesex.

    Thermometers, Experimental glassblowers.

  7. *B.J.L. Glass Co. St Matthews, London, E.2.

    Constructional glass, Leaded lights, Mirrors, Reflectors etc.

  8. Blades (John.) & Jones (Francis.) (Early 19th century.) London..

    Manufacturers & exporters of hand-blown & heavily-cut Georgian & Regency glassware. Royal Warrants to the British & Persian courts.

  9. *Brilliant Safety Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1955). Paragon Works, Shepherds Bush, London, W.12.

    Luminous signs, Glass signs, Toughened safety glass, Shelf and table tops in toughened safety glass.

  10. *Brilliant Signs Ltd. (Estd. 1887) Paragon Works, Uxbridge Road, London, W.12.

    Constructional glass, Illuminating glassware, Processes, Embossing, Sandblasting, Silk screen printing, Neon signs.

    Re Brilliant Signs Ltd.
    Submitted by Richard Scott on Mon, 19th July, 2010.
    What remains Paragon Works, the former home of Brilliant Signs Ltd of Shepherds Bush, will soon be demolished. Hammersmith & Fulham Council, which has used the site as a maintenance depot for some years will quit it in August, having sold it for housing.

    As part of our industrial archaeology activity, H&F Historic Buildings Group has already photographed the buildings, which Brilliant occupied from 1907. We found there a jubilee stone erected by the Directors and have asked the developer, St James Homes, to incorporate it in the new development - they seem quite keen to do so.

    We are piecing together a Brilliant History for the records and would be very grateful for any information or leads anyone can offer.

    Many thanks!
    Richard Scott, Hon.Sec, Hammersmith & Fulham Historic Buildings Group 0208 749 3963 / 0788 443 4631,

  11. *British Indestructo Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1929). Paragon Works, 27/29 Park Royal Road, London, N.W.10.

    Laminated and toughened safety glass.

  12. *British Tungsram Works Ltd. (Estd. 1946). Alfred Place, London, W.C.1.

    Radio valves.

    Trade name Tungsram.

  13. *Broadhurst, Clarkson & Co. Ltd.(Estd. before 1856). 63 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1.

    Lenses, Prisms, Astronomical objectives, Telescopes, Deerstalking, Naval & rifle range.

  14. *Busby (W.A.E.). 96 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1.

    Chemical, physical and surgical glassware and apparatus, Hydrometers, Saccharometers.

  15. *Cakebread Robey & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1882). Caroba Works, High Road, Wood Green, London, N.22.

    Ecclesiastical and domestic leaded lights, Glazing contractors.

    St Matthew's Church, built c.1650, in the hamlets of Poplar and Blackwell.St Matthew's Church, built c.1650, in the hamlets of Poplar and Blackwell.The Church of St. Matthias was built in 1652–4 as a chapel for the hamlet of Poplar and Blackwall and is the only church from that period still standing in London. It was erected in the grounds of the East India Company's almshouse, which had been founded in 1628 in Poplar High Street. The north transept stained-glass window was a war memorial to East London Freemasons, erected by Cakebread, Robey & Company of Stoke Newington in 1920. See St. Matthew's Church history.

    The firm still exists diversified as builders merchants.(e.g. 318-326 Southbury Rd., Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 1TT.)

  16. *Casella (C.F.) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. c. 1810). Regent House, Fitzroy Sqare, London, W.1.

    Hydrometers, Barometers, Thermometers.

  17. *Caspar Ltd. (Estd. c. 1879). 33 St. Pancras Way, London, N.W.1.

    One gas-fired kiln.

    Sandblast, decorative glassworkers and colour-firing experts, Signs etc.

  18. Chatur & Co., Ltd. Lea Valley Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex. Mng. Dir.: M.S. Goldsmith, Works Mgr.: E. Robinson.

    Buttons, Jewellery, Novelties.

  19. Chatur (Joseph) & Sons, Ltd. (Estd. 1746). 785 Commercial Road, London, E 14.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Stained glass; Leaded lights; Copper lights; Patent glazing mirrors.

  20. Christy, J. F. (early 19th century - 1851). Lambeth, London.

    Manufacturers of enamelled & transfer-printed glassware (given an award 1849 by the Society of Arts). Produced several pieces for Henry Cole's decorative glassware company "Felix Summerly's Art Manufactures", notably the water-plants design by the painter Richard Redgrave.

  21. *City Sandblast Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1900). 173 New North Road, London, N.1.

    Stockists of plate and sheet glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Decorative art glass by sandblasting.

  22. *Clarke (James) & Eaton Ltd. (Estd. 1855). Scorseby House, Glasshill Street, Blackfriars, London, S.E.1.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Stained glass windows, Leaded lights.

  23. Clarke (Samuel.) Candle Company. (c. 1885 - c. 1930). London.

    Manufacturer of press-moulded night-lights (19 designs were registered from 1887 to 1906). It is not clear if he made some of his own glassware. Manufacture was licenced to many companies both at home and abroad. The firm was sold to Price Candle Company in 1910.
    See a catalogue of his glass designs at

    Trade names: Fairy, Crick-lite. .

  24. *Claude-General Neon Lights Ltd. (Estd. 1930). Pitman House, Parker Street, Kingsway, London, W.C.1. Works: Wembly Hill Estate, Wembly, Middlesex

    Fluorescent lighting tubes for sign and lighting purposes.

  25. *Clayton, (J) & Son. (Estd. 1900). 15 Clerkenwell Green, London, E.C.1.

    Lamp-blown glassware and apparatus chiefly for the surgical and medical professions.

  26. Clayton Mayers advertisement for their Jacobite range introduced from 1923.Clayton Mayers advertisement for their Jacobite range introduced from 1923.
  27. *Clayton Mayers & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1860). Founded in Devizes (Somerset) moving to Grays Inn Road, London by the end of the 19th century and, in 1931, on to the North Circular Road, Cricklewood, London, N.W.2.

    Wholesale merchants for a wide range of of both imported and English tableware.

    Trade names: Claymer (Regd.) Glassware, Crystolac (Reg. Toughened tumblers, Jacobean (Regd.) Glassware, Lakolas (Regd. ) Glassware.

    For more details of the firm see Davidson Glass a history by Chris and Val Stewart which includes their products made for Clayton Mayers; also their website./

  28. *Cooper (H.W.) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1860). 3/5 Plympton Street,London, N.W.8.

    Manufacturers of circular and sliding hit-and-miss glass ventilators, Adjustable and fixed louvre glass ventilators, glass fire-blowers.

  29. *Cope (A.J.) & Son,(Estd. 1850). 7 Rollit Street, Hollway, London, N.7.

    Graduated glass dispensing measures, Pipeclay triangles.

  30. *Cossor (A.C.) & Son. (Surgical) Ltd. (Estd. 1859). Accoson Works, Vale Road, London, N.4.

    Syringes (all glass) hypodermic, serum, insulin, and tuberculin, Sphyngmomanometers (blood pressure apparatus).

  31. Duroray (Estd. 31/07/1928).

    In 30/04/1992 its name was changed to B. & S. GLASS INDUSTRIES LTD. Address: 47 Sutherland Road, Walthamstow, E17 6BH. (Data initially from The Glass Message Board). It still operates today specialising in the production of curved, bent and toughened glass products. Also laminating, drilling etc., both commercial and domestic. It is not a glass maker.

  32. *Dale Eye Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1934). Angel House, Pentonville Road, North London, N.1.

    Mfrs. and exporters of of glass eyes for the toy, fancy good and fur trades.

  33. *Dallmeyer (J.H.) Ltd. (Estd. 1860. Church End Works, High Road, Willesden, London, N.W.10.

    Photographic and cinematographic lens, Scientific optical instruments, Magnifiers.

  34. .
  35. *Dawe Instruments Ltd. (Estd. 1945). Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, London, W.5.

    Apparatus incorporating optical glass, Precision electronic instruments for scientific, communication, industrial and photographic applications.

  36. *DEMA Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1937). Cranbrook Road, London, S.W.19.
  37. *Duncan Doring (E) Ltd. (Estd. 1912). 18/21 Charterhouse Square, London, E.C.1.

    Domestic glassware, ampules, Vials.

  38. *Dring & Fage Ltd. (Estd. 1720, closed 1940). Tooley Street, London, S.E.1.

    Hydrometers, Thermometers, All-glass stills.

    Trade name; Metrolac.

  39. *Ecko-Ensign. Various works include Edmonton, Tottenham and Enfield.

    Architectural lighting, Fluorescent light tubes, incandescent lamps, Sodium lamps.

    Trade name; Ecko.

  40. *Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. Hayes, Middlesex,

    Radio and television receivers, Cathode ray tubes, Valves (including klystroms and other special types)Electronic measuring and test equipment, Stroboscopes.

    Trade name Emiscope, Emitron.

  41. *Electrothermal Engineering Ltd. (Estd. 1940). 270 Neville Road, London, E.7.

    Glass heating mantles and tapes, Glass wicks, electrothermal laboratory heating equipment.

  42. *Faith Craft Works Ltd. (Estd. 1919). 7 Tufton Street, London, S.W.1.

    Craftsmen and designers in stained glass. More details in the section on Stained Glass and Sundials.

  43. Falk Stadelman advertisement, 1956.Falk Stadelman advertisement, 1956. *Falk, Stadelman & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1881). 7 Head office 91 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1. Factories in many places including Willesden.

    Illuminating glassware and lighting fittings for electricity, gas and oil.

  44. *Faulkner, Green & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1933). 99/100 Redcross Way, London, S.E.1.; Mint House, Disney Street, London, S.E.1.;10/16 Cole Street, London, S.E.1.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Stained glass, Leaded lights, Patent glazing.

  45. *Fleming (J. & R.) Ltd. (Estd. 1905. 146 Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.1.

    Opthalmic lens, Single vision and bifocal lens, Magnifiers, Prisms, Opthalmic instruments.

    Trade names; Fusette, Solette.

  46. *Freyton Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1951). Empire Works, 360/370 Upper Street, London, N.1.

    Decorated domestic glassware.

    Trade name: Beautifired.

  47. Gallenkamp advertisement, 1956.Gallenkamp advertisement, 1956. *Gallenkamp (A.) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1880). Technico Works, Worsley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham, London, S.E.26.

    Lampblown and graduated laboratory, scientific, and medical glassware, apparatus incorporating optical glass, Specialists in apparatus with interchangeable ground glass joints, Sinteres filtration apparatus, Complete laboratory furnishers.

    Trade names: Technic, A.G., Gallenkamp.

  48. *Gibbs (Walter) & Sons, Ltd. (Estd. 1868). 41/49 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E.2.

    One electric furnace. Leaded lights, Copper lights, Stained glass.

  49. *Glass Apparatus & Suppliers Co. (Estd. 1947). Rear of 370 Rayners Lane, Harrow.

    Lampblown laboratory, scientific and medical glassware.

  50. *Glass Developments Ltd. (Estd. 1938, Ltd. Co. 1944). Sudbourne Road, Brixton Hill, London, S.W.2.

    Three electric furnaces. Lampblown laboratory and scientific glassware, Glass chemical apparatus for oil research, Gas testing, Glass spirit levels, Vials for gunfire control.

  51. *Glass Printers Ltd. (Estd. 1914). Frognall Works, Frognall Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex.

    Lampblown medical glassware, Printing on glass by the Gibbard-Hughes process, Reflectors, Thread guides.

  52. Goode (Thomas.) & Co Ltd,. (Estd. 1827 - present). < London.

    Retailers of the very best quality ceramics and glassware, they have acted as agents for various monarchies and principalities, receiving their first Royal Warrant from HRH Edward, Prince of Wales in 1863.
    Partly from the Just Glass website

  53. *Gray & McDonnell Ltd. (Estd. 1946). 264/266 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green. London, E.2. Mirrors, Shelves.
  54. *Grey & Marten Ltd. (Estd. 1883). Little Park Street, London, S.E.1.

    Stockists of plate and sheet glass, Processors of glass, Leaded and copper lights.

  55. *G.V.D. Illuminators. (Estd. 1934). 29B Torrington Square, London, W.C.1.

    Illuminating glassware and lighting fittings, Reflectors .

  56. Hale Thomson, (Frederick) (Estd. 1849 - 1852). London,

    Frederick Hale Thomson & Edward Varnish. Also W. Lund, Thomas Mellish. Retailers & patentees (1849 & 1850) of double-walled silvered glass, which may have been manufactured for them by James Powell & Sons.
    From the Just Glass website.

  57. *Hall, Drysdale & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1909). 58 Commerce Road, Wood Green, London, N.22.

    Mercury switches.

    Trade name: Glassmanip.

  58. *Hawksley & Sons Ltd. (Estd. 1869). 17 New Cavendish Street, London, W.1.

    Haemacytometer counting chambers and cover glasses.

    Trade name: Crista.

  59. *Hearson (Charles) & Co.Ltd. (Estd. 1880) 68 Willow Walk ,London,S.E.1.

    Laboratory ,scientific and medical glassware and apparatus, Hydrometers, Thermometers, Graduated glassware, complete laboratory furnishers.

    Trade name: Paramet.

  60. *Heath, Hicks & Perken (THERMOMETERS) Ltd. New Eltham, London,S.E.9.

    Laboratory ,scientific and medical glassware and apparatus, Hydrometers, Thermometers, Barometers, Dines recording rain gauge, Meteorological instruments.

    Trade names: Hezzanith, Hicks.

  61. *Hendra & Harper (G.F.) (Estd. 1947). The Studio, 4 High Street, Harpenden, Herts.

    Stained glass windows.

  62. James Hetley advertisement 1956James Hetley advertisement 1956 *Hetley (James) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1823) Glass Works, Bashley Road, Willesden, London,N.W.10.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processers of constructional glass products, Antique glass, Mirrors, Spectacle glasses, Wall panelling. Subsequently at Glasshouse Fields, Shadwell, London, E1 9JA Particularly stockists of a huge variety of coloured sheet glass and equipment for stained glass and related workers. The firm was taken over by the originally Liverpool firm of Pearsons Glass Ltd (Estd. 1901) in 2005 following the collapse of T&W Ide with whom Hetley was previously associated at Glasshouse Fields. The London branch of Pearsons is now at Unit 9, Lyon Way, Greenford, Middlesex.

    The history of Pearsons is relevant and the following is taken from their web site. "Pearsons Glass was founded in Liverpool, England in 1901 as J Pearson and Company as silvering, bevelling, overmantel manufacturer and cabinet makers. In the years since then Pearsons has survived two world wars and the hand over to another family in 1977 when it became Pearsons Glass Limited. Pearsons Glass is a founder member of the Glass and Glazing Federation and has represented the UK Glass Industry on technical, negotiation and general council committees. Heavy investment since 1977 has seen Pearsons move 4 times; each time to bigger premises until today we have upwards of 40,000ft of warehouse space both in Liverpool, still our main headquarters, with Greenford in Middlesex and East Kilbride in Scotland, our satellite depots."

  63. *Hilger & Watts Ltd. (Estd. 1948) 98 St, Pancras Way, Camden Road, London,N.W.1.

    Lens, Prisms, Optical glass cells, Autocollimators, Absorptiometers and fluorimiters, Spectrometers, Visual, photographic, photoelectric,interferometers, polarimeters,thickness viewers, spectroscopes, monochromators, Photoelectric apparatus, Strain viewers, Glass scales.

    Trade name: Spekker, Steeloscope Virspek.

  64. *Howard, Rawson & C0. Ltd. (Estd. 1904). 89 Newington Butts, London, S.E.1.

    Lampblown laboratory, scientific and medical glassware and apparatus, Interchangeable ground glass joint apparatus, glass components for all industrial and chemical purposes.

  65. *Hummel Optical Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1895). 67/68 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.1.

    Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, Optical units, mounted and unmounted for projection, Photography, education research etc.

    Trade name; Leech.

  66. *Hunter-Penrose Ltd. 109 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1.

    Photographic glassware, Colour screens, ruled screens, optical mirrors, Prisms.

  67. *I.A.C. Ltd. (Estd. 1936). 67/68 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.1.

    Mercury switches.

  68. *Ide (T. & W.) Ltd. (Estd. 1830). Glasshouse Fields, Ratcliffe,, London, E.1.

    Bending, Decorating, Silvering, Brilliant cutting, Sandblasting, staining, firing, leaded lights, Ships porthole glases, Rectangular domes, Traffic mirrors, "Copperide" backed mirrors, Scientific instruments and medical glassware.

    Trade name; Twide.

  69. *Industrial Glass Co.Ltd. (Estd. 1935). 28 Mackenzie Street, Slough,Bucks.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Opal glass plates for food-preparing machines.

  70. *Industrial Thermometer Co. (Estd. 1933). 63 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1.

    All types of glass thermometers made from patented "Red Reading" mercury glass.

  71. *Isopad Ltd. (Estd. 1946) 30-32 Rosemont Road, London, N.W.3.

    Glass fibre cloth,and electrically heated glass fibre appliances, heating mantles, Iinsulating tape, Heating pads and panels.

    Trade names: Isomantle, Isojacket, Isopanel, Isopad, Isotape.

  72. *James & Co. (Estd. 1910) 111 Farringdon Road, London, E.C.1.


  73. *Jarvis Son & Glossup Ltd. (Estd. 1922) 50/54 Clerkenwell Road, London, E.C.1.

    Precision-ground watch and clock glasses, bevelled glass work.

  74. *Johnson & Jorgensen Flint Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1884) Thames Wharf, Herringham Road, Charlton, London, S.E.7.

    Manufacturers of "Trident" ampoules, vials and tubular containers of all types. Suppliers of glass containers for every purpose.

    See also under Glass Importers below.

  75. *Jones (F.R.) Ltd. (Estd. 1946). 2A/6A Danbury Street, London, N.1.

    Lampblown laboratory and scietific glassware, N.P.L. stamped glassware; Graduated resistance, volumetric glassware.

    Trade name; Jayware.

  76. *Joris Glass Industries Ltd. (Estd. 1933, Ltd. 1936.). Palace of Industry, Olympic Way, Wembly, Middlesex.

    Instrument glasses and mirrors,Plain, convex, antidazzle mirrors, Household mirrors, glass shelves, Micro-slides.

  77. *Juniper (S. & J.). Suez Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex.

    Lampblown laboratory, scientific and medical glassware and apparatus, B.S.I. Standard joint work.

  78. *King (J.A.) & Co. Ltd. (Estd, 1899). Clayton Road, Hayes, Middlesex.

    Glaziers. Pavement, roof and stallboard lights.

  79. *Lampblown Scientific Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd, 1939). 20/24 Beaumont Road, Chiswick, London, W.4.

    Lampblown glassware of all types, Ampoules, Speciality, High vacuum stopcocks.

    E.A. Tyzack (Technical)

  80. *Lane (C.E.)(Neon) Ltd. (Estd. 1939). 13A Oakeigh Road, New Southgate, London, N.12.

    Lampblown laboratory scientific and medical glassware and apparatus, Supply and installation of pipe-line and vacuum cercuits of every description, Glass to metal seals, Graded seals, Research and development glassblowing consultants.

    Trade name; Invicta.

  81. *London Electric Wire Company & Smiths Ltd. (Estd. 1879, present company formed 1909). Leyton, London, E.10.

    Glass insulated flexibles - winding wires insulated with glass fibre yarns and braids.

    Trade names; Lewcoglass, Lewmexglas.

  82. *London Sand Blast Decorative Glass Works Ltd. (Estd. 1875). Seager Place, Burdett Road, London, E.3.

    Six ceramic kilns: gas.

    Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Advertising ashtrays, illuminated advertising signs, Advertising glass jugs, Lettering of chemical bottles, edge-lit glass signs, church windows, Door panels.

  83. *Long (Joseph) Ltd. (Estd. 1818). 184 Station Road, Harrow,Middlesex.

    Hydrometers, Thermometers..

  84. *Luraschi (A)(Estd, 1865). 17 Duncan Terrace, City Road, London, E.C.1.


  85. *Lustray Products(A)(Estd. 1932). 294 Grays Inn Road, London, W.C.1.

    "Lumophor" fluorescent glass tubing.

  86. *McCarthy (W.H.) & Son. (Estd. 1867). 40 Rosebury Avenue, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.1.

    Refridgerator and industrial thermometers.

  87. *McKenzie (J.) & Son. (Estd. 1863). 40 Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.1.

    Barometers, Thermometers, Hydrometers.

  88. *Maile (G) & Son. Ltd, (Estd. 1785). 367 Euston Road, London, N.W.1.

    Stained glass windows, Leaded lights and copper lights.

  89. *Marson (Francis) (Estd. 1821). 32 Clerkenwell Green, London, E.C.1.

    Mercurial barometers.

  90. *Mayhill Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1952). 4 Brocket Road, Hoddesdon Herts.

    One decorating furnace: electricity.

    Decorators of glassware.

    This firm linked to the Nazeing glassworks as decorators of their products. Directors, J.F. Mayer and J. Pollock-Hill as for Nazeing.

  91. *Meakin (H.S.B.) Ltd. (Estd. 1936). 36 Victoria Street, London, S.W.1.

    Strain viewers for glasware, Polariscopes, Polaroid optical instruments.

  92. *Merchant Adventurers of London Ltd. (Estd. 1920). 43 Portland Road, London, W.11.

    Illuminating glassware, Decorative, fluorescent domestic and industrial lighting fittings.

    Trade names: Utilume, Decorlume, Fluorolume, Ventura.

  93. *Micanite & Insulators Ltd. (Estd. 1901). Empire Works, Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London, E.17.

    Glass fabric/mica combination insulating materials, Varnished glass fabricinsulating sleevings,washers and shaped pieces, Synthetic resin-bonded paper and fabric laminates.

    Trade names: Empire, Micanite, Paxolin.

  94. *Morris (Colwyn). 3 Swan Studios, 65 Deodar Road, London, S.W.15.

    Stained glass, memorial windows.

  95. *Morris (William) & Co. (Estd. 1832). Ferry Lane Works, Forest Road, 65 Deodar Road, London, S.W.15.

    Ecclesiastical stained glass, Leaded lights.

  96. *Mowbray (A. R.) & Co. Ltd, (Estd. 1858). 28 Margaret Street, London, W.1.

    Stained glass windows for churches.

  97. *Mullard Radio Valve Co.Ltd. (Estd. 1920). New Road, Mitcham Junction, Surrey..

    Radio valves, Cathode ray tubes, X-ray tumes, Other electric tubes.

    Trade name: Mullard.

    for a good website see A History of Mullard Valves 1920-40 by Andy Cowley.

  98. *National Glass Industry (Tottenham) Ltd. (Estd. 1917). 1 Fontaine Road, Broad Lane, Tottenham, London, N.15.

    Laboratory, scientific and medical (including lampblown) glassware and apparatus, Dewar flasks and vacuum vessels in metal ball and socket interchangeable ground joints, Complete laboratory furnishers.

    Trade names: N.G.I., Dewarex.

  99. *National Plastics (Sales) Ltd. (Estd. 1953). Avenue Works, Walthamstow Avenue, London, E.4.

    Glass fibre reinforced plastics mouldings for industrial applications (e.g. safety helmets and guards, cases and trays for packaging, instrument and machine covers, Chemical resistant containers.

    Selling organisation for British Moulded Plastics Ltd..

  100. *Neon Luminous Tubes (Lundsigns) Ltd. (Estd. 1933). 55 Bendon Valley, London, S.W..18.

    Vapour discharge tubes and lamps, illuminating discharge tubes, Glass fasciae, Sand glass timers, Hour glasses.

    Trade name: Lundsign.

  101. *Negretti & Zambra Ltd. (Estd. 1850). Half Moon Crescent, Barnsbury, London, N.1.

    Hygrometers, Manometers, Thermometers, Industrial and meteorological instruments.

  102. *Newbold & Bulford Ltd. (Estd. 1796). Enbeeco House, Roger Street, Grays Inn Road, London, W.C.1.

    Ophthalmic lenses and instruments, Prisms, Spectacles, Binoculars, Microscopes, Telescopes, Magnifiers.

    Trade name: Enbeeco.

  103. *Newbold & Co.Ltd. (Estd. 1820). 46/48 Osnaburgh Street, London, N.W.1.

    Ophthalmic lenses.

  104. *Newton (John M.) & Sons Ltd. (Estd. 1878). Heathmans Yard, Parsons Green, London, S.W.6.; Loveridge Road, Kilburn, N.W.6. (plus other associated companies).

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufactureres and processors of constructional glass products, Stained and painted leaded lights, opper lights, Wall panelling,

  105. *Nicholson (A.K.) Stained Glass Studios. (Estd. 1901). 35 Circus Road, St John's Wood, London, N.W.8.

    One furnace: electricity.

    Craftsmen and designers of stained glass windows.

    Partners; G.E.R. Smith, H.L. Pawle.

  106. *Oblaglass Co. Ltd. 25 Waterloo Road, London, N.W.2.

    Decorated domestic and table glassware, Glass beads, Figurines and imitation jewellery, Christmas tree decorations.

  107. *Osram Lamp Works. (Estd 1906) (Part of General Electric Co, in 1956.) Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, W.6.

    Electric lamps and fluorescent tubes of every description for general and special lighting purposes and for photographic and projection apparatus, Car bulbs and battery type bulbs, Cathode ray tubes for all applications, Glass components fabrication, Tungsten Molybdenum and metal alloys.

    The firm developed from the German Deutsche Gasguhlicht- Aktiengesellschaft (D.G.A.) that later became A.E.G. D.G.A. made the first lamps with osmium filaments.
    The Osram Trade Mark was registered in England in 1906. In 1907 the first tungsten filament lamps were made in London at Wolfram Filaments Ltd., founded jointly between DGA, GEC and Just & Hannaman. As a result of WW1 the factory was transferred solely to GEC under the name Osram Company Ltd.
    Following the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 Osram remained the property of GEC until 1986. Post-war Osram-GMBH rose from the ashes of the old firm. Until 1986 imported Osram lamps were sold under the name of Wotan. In 1962, Osram-GEC was Estd. in England and in 1986 Osram-GEC combined with Osram-GMBH (which already had an American imput) to form GEC.Osram-GMBH thereby reopening the Osram market to the German firm and with it the Osram Trade Mark.

    Trade name: Osram (the name derived from Osmium and Wolfram (Tungsten)sequentially used to make the lamp filaments.

    For a detailed account from the German perspective see:- Osram History.

  108. *Ottway (W) & Co.Ltd. (Estd. 1640). Orion Works, Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London, W.13.

    Optical lenses and prisms,Magnifiers, Spectroscopes, Microscopes, Telescopes.

    Trade name: Orion.

    See BRILLIANT SIGNS above.
  110. *Pearson (J) & Sons (London) Ltd. (Estd. 1900). 7-9 Belfast Road, Stamford Hill,London, N.16.

    Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Decorative art glass, Stained glass, Leaded lights, Optical lenses, Ophthalmic instruments.

  111. *Peerless Safety Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1935). 19A Queensway, Ponders End, Middlesex.

    Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products, Laminated safety glass,with decorative interlayer, Mirrors.

    Trade name: Peerless.

  112. Pirelli Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1945 by Charles Dunlop) Glendow House, Oakmere, Potters bar, Middlesex.

    *Six muffle-type decorating kilns: electricity.

    Pottery Gazette, May, 1955, Glass animal figures, Pirelli-continental glass animal figures, cocktail stands, sticks etc., some imported from Europe.Similar advertisement 1959, both from Hajdamach 20th Century British Glass, (p.182.) .

    *Adds Decorated glassware of high quality and Christmas ornaments.

    Glass rods supplied by Plowden and Thompson. From 1956 worked with Ysart and by 1958 became Vasart.

    For pictures of a dog and swan see Balmers (no. 4 above).

  113. *Price (D.W.) & Sons Ltd. (Estd. 1931). Braemar Works, Braemar Avenue, Neasden Lane, Neasden, London. N.W.10.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Leaded lights,Vitrolite specialists, Mirrors.

  114. *Pritchitt (L.E.) Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1925). 44 Tower Bridge Road, London, S.E.1.

    Laboratory and scientific glassware, including volumetric and lamp-blown glassware, Weighing bottles, Stopcocks, Test tubes etc.

  115. *Pugh Brothers Ltd. (Estd. 1896). 20/23 Greville Street. London, E.C.1.

    Stockists of plate and sheet glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Stained glass windows, Glass ventilating units,Leaded lights, Mirrors.

  116. *Pugh (Charles) (Glass) Ltd. (Estd. 1935). 111 Regents Park Road, Chalk Farm, London, N.W.1.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Processors of glass. Motor car windscreens, Display glass.

  117. *Pullin Optical Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1938). Phoenix Works, Great West Road,Brentford.

    Lenses, Photographic enlargers.

    Trade names: Pulnar, Pulkino.

  118. *Rand (Walter J.) (Estd. 1921). Nonpareil Thermometer Works, 11 Hemingford Road, London, N.1.

    Glass hand-blown thermometers of every kind.

    Trade names: Nonpareil, Vyona, Presonset.

  119. *Rayment (W) & Co. (Estd. over a century in 1956). 48 Britton Street, London, E.C.1.

    Four bending kilns: coke.

    Watch, Clock and Dial glasses, Benders.

  120. *Restlight Ltd. (Estd. 1929). Imperial Works, Perren Street, Ryland Road, London, N.W.5.

    Lighting fittings, Artificial daylight lamps, Colour matching units

    Trade names: Nonpareil, Vyona, Presonset.

  121. *Robinson King & British Challenge Glazing Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1892). Grove Glass Works, Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London, E.15.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Leaded lights, Copper Lights, Convex and diminishing mirrors, Heat resisting illuminating glassware.

  122. *Savory & Moore Ltd. (Estd. 1794). Standard Works, Lawrence Road, London, N.15.

    Lampblown surgical glassware.

    Savory & Moore Ltd are a chain of dispensing chemists. The firm had its origins in a retail chemist business established by Thomas Paytherus in London in 1794. In 1797 Thomas Field Savory joined the firm and in 1806 became a partner along with Thomas Moore. By the mid 1940s the company had 40 retail outlets. It passed through various partnerships and was acquired by various other companies. In 1992 it was acquired by Lloyds Chemists plc. Full details of the administrative history can be found in the Business Archives Council database of pharmaceutical companies.

    A Savory and Moore pharmacy, sited at 29 Chapel Street, Belgravia, London, existed from c.1849 up until 1968. It served Buckingham Palace as well as the wealthy inhabitants of Belgrave Square nearby. The pharmacy and fittings were subsequently acquired for the Burroughs Wellcome Medical Museum and then given to the Medical History Museum at the University of Melbourne. For more details and pictures click on The Melbourne Medical History Museum.

  123. *Scientific Glassblowing Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1903). 95 Grays Inn Road, London, W.C.1.

    Laboratory, scientific and medical (including lampblown) glassware and apparatus, Paul's condenser for speedy distillation, Primus water suction pumps, with and without valves.

    Trade names: Primus pumps, Paul's condensers.

  124. *Scientific Supplies Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1917). Scientifc House, Vine Hill, London, E.C.1.

    Lampblown laborarory and scientific glassware and apparatus.

  125. *Shephers Tobias & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1930). North Circular Road, Cricklewood, London, N.2.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and opaque glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Copper backed mirrors, Toughened glass doors.

  126. *Short & Mason, (Estd. 1864).(A division of Taylor, Short & Mason). Anaroid Works, Macdonald Road, Walthamstow, London, E.17.

    Hydrometers, Thermometers, Barometers, Scientific instruments for indication recording and control of temperature , humidity.

    Trade name: S & M.

  127. *Skeat (Francis) (Estd. 1934). 5 Cross Lane, Harpenden, Herts.

    Stained glass Artist

  128. *Smith (William) (Estd. 1870). Haddon Works, 18 Boston Place, London, N.W.1.

    Stained glass windows, Leaded lights.

  129. *Solus-Schall. Ltd. (Estd. 1887). 15/18 Clipstone Street, London, W.1. (In conjunction with General Radiological Ltd. (Head Office), and Solus Electronic Tubes Ltd.)

    Crystallographic equipment, Electro-medical glassware, Infra-red tubes, Ultra-violet ray lamps, X-ray tubes, High vacuum tubes, Thermionic valves.

  130. James Hetley advertisement 1956 *Splintex Safety Glass Ltd. (Estd. 1928).(A division of Taylor, Short & Mason). Splintex Newtex Works, Nightingale Road, Hanwell, London, W.7.

    Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Laminated plate and sheet safety glass, Toughened sheet safety glass,stained glass windows, Plastics manipulators and moulders.

    Today has a new factory making safety glass for aircraft.

    Trade name: Splintex. Right, 1939 advert.

  131. *Steele's (Contractors) Ltd. (Estd. 1943. Glass Works, Stamford Road London, N.1.

    Stockists of plate and sheet safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Stained glass, Leaded lights.

  132. *Stephens (Francis) A.R.C.A., F.B.S.M.G.P. 14 St. Edmund's Close, St John's Wood, London, N.W.8.

    Stained glass windows.

  133. *Straight-Lite Reflectors Ltd. (Estd. 1928).( 36 Eden Grove, Holloway, London, N.7.

    Electric light reflector fittings, commercial and domestic, Illuminated signs.

  134. *Sugden Powel Ltd. (Estd. 1947). Bush House, Aldwych, London, W.C.2.

    Hydrometers, Thermometers, Syringes.

  135. *Sunbury Glass Works Ltd. (Estd. 1936). The Avenue, Sunbury on Thames.

    Ltex safety glass, Electronic glass grinding specialists.

    Trade name: Ltex.

  136. *Sutcliffe (j.W.) & Co.(1950) Ltd. (Estd. 1898). 12 Great Portland Street, London, W.1.

    "Sutcliffe" fruit preserving jars (Pat No. 499497), Glass containers of all descriptions. Metal and plastic closures for glass containers.

  137. *Swift (James) & Son Ltd. (Estd. 1852). 113/115A Camberwell Road, London, S.E.5.

    Object glasses, Microscope cover glasses, Colorimeters, Microscopes, Strain viewers.

  138. *Symons (H.D.) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1919). Park Works, Kingston Hill, Surrey.

    Varnished glass, "Terylene", nylon, silk and cotton in rolls and reels, Flexible combination slot insulations,, some incorporating glass fabrics, Flexible H.T. sleeving, some using varnished glass fabric and glass braids, Silicone elastomer coated and impregnated glass fabrics in rolls and reels.

    Trade names: Symica, Symel, Duply, Emlin, Symite.

  139. *Taylor (F.H.) & Sons Ltd. (Estd. 1875). 131 Seven Sisters Road, London, N.7.

    Graduated glassware, Domestic lighting glassware, Decorated domestic tableware and stemware.

  140. *Taylor (Godfrey) (Estd. 1860). 15 Woburn Square, London, W.C.1.

    Artificial glass eye specialists.

    From the Ottawa Evening Citizen, July 22nd, 1939.
    Glass eye.<br /> Our Ex-Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has a glass eye.Glass eye.
    Our Ex-Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has a glass eye.
    LONDON: Mr Godfrey Taylor, a twenty-four-year-old London glass-eye maker, has discovered a strange story behind a remarkable order which he received from South Africa.

    He was asked to send out several artificial eyes specially modelled with a hole behind each pupil. Now he has been told that the glass eyes were used to smuggle diamonds out of a mine. Mr. Taylor told a reporter: Recently the man who had ordered the glass eyes arrived in this country and came to him for an artificial eye without a hole in it.

    Then he explained that he had been working in a diamond mine for some years where everyone was searched for smuggled diamonds before they left.

    No one, however, thought of asking him to remove his glass eye. Hence the holes - to hide the diamonds in. He told me he had now made enough money to retire.

    Guarded Secrets

    This is only one of the strange stories which Mr. Taylor can tell. He is the fifth generation of Tayors in this uncommon trade, and his great-grandfather made artificial eyes to the order of the Duke of Wellington.

    Mr. Godfrey Taylor works with his mother, who closely guards the secrets of many famous people whose friends do not know they have glass eyes. She once was visited by two high priests from a Far Eastern temple who wanted eyes for their idol. Her husband, Mr. Gustav Taylor, once made a glass eye for a lion.

    Mrs. Taylor showed the reporter rows upon rows of cases containing 25.000 glass eyes — all of them lifelike. They can be moved by the eye socket muscles and the pupils will even dilate in a natural manner.

  141. *Thorn Electrical Industries Ltd. (Estd. 1924). Works Enfield, Edmonton, Tottenham etc.

    Incandescent lamps, Fluorescent lighting tubes, Lighting fittings, Vitrite for manufacture of electric lamp caps.
    Wikipedia says:- Vitrite, also known as foam glass, is a very low fusing point black glass mainly used for the insulation base of electric lamps. It was formerly made by the Vitrite Company. Vitrite is referred to as glass but the reality is that it is an enamel which contains a high proportion of lead oxide to give fluidity, and considerable quantities of manganoc (probably a manganese oxide) to produce a black colour. To make the electric lamp, molten vitrite is poured into the shell up to a height of approximately a quarter inch (6.35 millimeters). A plunger is brought down to force the plastic glass into shape and fix the contacts.

    Trade name: Atlas.

  142. *Triplex Safety Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1922). Hythe Road, Willesden, Glass eye.<br /> Our Ex-Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has a glass eye.London, N.W.10.

    "TripleX" laminated and toughened safety glass, both plate and sheet, Multi-ply and bullet-proof glass, Curved safety glass, Shaping, forming and manipulation of "Perspex" and other thermoplasic materials.

    Trade names: TripleX, Triplite, TriFlex.

  143. Tudor Safety Glass advertisement, 1956.Tudor Safety Glass advertisement, 1956.

  144. *Tudor Safety Glass Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1935). Spring Place, Kentish Town, London, N.W.5.

    Two toughening, ten bending furnaces: electricity, gas.

    Laminated and toughened safety glass, machinery glassware.

    Trade name: Vinylex.

  145. *Tungstalite Ltd. (Estd. 1923). Arcola Street, London, E.8.

    Incandescent electric lamps, Automobile lamps, Fluorescent lamps.

    Trade names: Tungstallite, Sollar.

  146. *Tye (John) & Son, Ltd. (Estd. 1845). Hythe Road, Willesden, London, N.W.10.

    "Ampoules, Crushable glass capsules, Tubes and phiales.

    Trade name: Tyebrand.

  147. *United Kingdom Optical Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1919). Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill, London, N.W.7.

    Lenses, mirrors and prisms for optical instruments and systems, Ophthalmic Lenses, Bifocal lenses, Graticules, Magnifiers, Blooming (soft.

    Trade names: Wydervis, Univis, Supervis, Bicentric, Perflex, Twofo.

  148. *Vaughan (Dulcie) 5 Billing Road, Fulham Road, London, S.W.11.

    hand-painted and enamelled glassware and pottery, Duprex safety glass, a unique production of hand-painted insidesafety glass used for trays, ashtrays, table mats, tabletops etc.

    Trade names: TripleX, Triplite, TriFlex.

  149. *Vicsons Ltd. (Estd. 1946). 148 Pinner Road, Harrow, Middlesex.

    Laboratory, Scientific and medical (including lamp-blown) glassware and apparatus, Graduated glassware, Thermometers.

    Trade name: Blue Diamond.

  150. Watford Glass Company. This article on Cutting Watford Crystal by Beowulf Mayfield comes from the Barnet & Potters Bar Times, Thursday 20th October, 2005. Watford Crystal advertisement for a dressing table set.Watford Crystal advertisement for a dressing table set.

    A picture of the Watford Glass Company and recollections from a former employee published in the printed edition of the Watford Observer on October 7, prompted Colin D Woodland to write in:

    "I worked at the Watford Glass Company on leaving school in April 1956, as an apprentice glass cutter. I started unpacking the glass from wooden crates to take to the cutting shop. I often had to help out in the acid room, where the fumes took your breath away I did not like that job and I would have to take the black lines off the finished cut glass, which was called blacking off'. "After about four months I was taken under the care of Charlie Beason, my foreman for the next two-and-a-half years. He taught me everything.

    "The firm bought a new diamond wheel cutting machine, which Charlie trained me on, and I was put on piece work, where you got paid for what you cut and not an hourly wage, but I enjoyed every day at Watford Glass.

    "After two-and-a-half years I went into the Army, where I stayed for six years. On my demob I went to Watford Glass, which was on the Greenhill Crescent site and, on entering the building, in the reception I noticed a very large photo, four feet by four feet, of myself on the reception wall, which the firm had taken of me cutting on the diamond machine. I spoke to Charlie, who was still the foreman at that time, but was not offered a job."

    Watford Crystal ad. for an engraved dish.Watford Crystal ad. for an engraved dish.Colin adds that the firm was called Watford Glass Company and the finished product was sold as Watford Crystal. He also lists the names of all the employees he can recall: Bill Voight, manager; Charlie Beason, foreman; Nigel Williams, smoother; Don Hansard, smoother; Albert Hatton, smoother; Jean Hatton, fluter; Brian Twigg, blacking off; Arthur Gray, smoother; Terry Parrott, cutter; Jean Parrott, fluter; John Hall, cutter; Ken Green, smoother; Ray Knight, cutter; Dave Edwards, smoother; Jim Smith, acid-dipper.

    Colin explained that a cutter would cut the pattern into the glass, then the smoother would finish off any rough edges and the glassware was then dipped in acid, before being dried off in sawdust. Every completed item bore a blue sticker in the shape of a shield with "Watford Crystal, England" in gold lettering. Watford Crystal was sold by Cawdells, John Lewis and James Walker.

    Colin's proudest memory is of being assigned the task of cutting two ten-inch vases, one red, one blue, which had been ordered for Buckingham Palace. "I was ever so proud. I was very careful and Charlie said 'well done' when I'd finished."

    The 1953 Pottery Gazette & Glass Trades Review Reference Book lists this firm as being in 13A Liverpool Road, Watford, under Glassware Decorators but not Glass Manufacturers.

  151. *Watson (W) and Sons Ltd. (Estd. 1837). bells Hill, Barnet, Herts.

    Lenses, Prisms, Magnifiers, Graticules, Microscopes.

  152. *Wilkinson (Alfred L.). (Estd. 1930). 223 Archway Road, Highgate, London N.6.

    Craftsman and designer of stained glass.

  153. *Wingent (T.W.) Ltd. (Estd. 1929). Weighton Mews, Weighton Road, Anerley, London, N.20.

    Manufacturers of lampblown glassware for laboratory and industrial purposes, standard design to customer's specification, Specialists in high vacuum equipment, physical and chemical apparatus etc.

  154. *Wood (A.D.)(Estd. 1946). 4/5 Skinner Street, London, E.C.1.

    Specialists in the manufacture of high-vacuum and gas-analysis stopcocks, Suppliers of interchangeable joints and volumetric glassware.

  155. *Woodward (W. & A,. (Estd. 1945). 90 Bethwin Road, Camberwell,London, S.E.5.

    Thermometers chemical and clinical.

  156. *Wray (Optical Works) Ltd. (Estd. 1850). Ashgrove Road, Bromley, Kent..

    Lenses, prisms, Photographic lenses, Prism binoculars, Magnifiers, Cameras.

    Trade names: Magnivu, Farvo, Raylite, Brystar, Crystar, Lustrar, Supar, Wrayflex.

  157. *Wright (Alexander) & Co. Ltd. (Estd. 1843). 28 High Street, Tooting, London, S.W.17.

    "Lampblown analysis apparatus, Hygrometers, Manometers.

    Trade name: Simmance.

  158. *Young & Marten Ltd. (Estd. 1872). Caledonian Works, Stratford, London, E.15.

    Stockists of plate, sheet and safety glass, Manufacturers and processors of constructional glass products; Stained glass windows, Leaded lights.

  159. *Zeal (G.H.) Ltd. (Estd. 1888. Lombard Road, Morden Road, Merton, London, S.W.19, and Vale Road, Finsbury Park, N.4.

    Specialist in the manufacture of all types of thermometer, Barometers, Hydrometers, Mercury in steel, vapour pressure, thermetallic and other types of mechanical thermometer and temperature recorder.

    Trade names: Zecol, Repello, Acello, Sentinel.

Known Glass Importers. (in alphabetical order)

  1. Elfverson & Co. (c. 1930s). Now the Elfverson Trading Co., London.

    Wholesale import/export company, dealing in (among other products) James Powell and Stromberg glass. The latter comes from the "Strömbergshyttan" glasshouse in Sweden. Two pieces of this glass in the V&A.
    Partly from the Just Glass website.

  2. Emanuel & Co. Max (c. 1900). London.

    Importer and retailer of art glass, notably commissioned a large range of products from the Loetz glassworks.
    From the Just Glass website.

  3. Jenkins (John) & Son.(c 1935 - 1950s.) London.

    Importers & retailers of mostly opalescent or frosted pressed glass, manufactured in Czechoslovakia by Josef Inwald Co.

    Trademark.Barolac registered in 1935.

  4. Johnsen & Jorgensen (c 1920s - 30s) London.

    Importers & wholesalers of pressed flint tableware, including the Talisman pattern.
    The following from the greenwich Industrial History website:- My late grandfather, Harry, worked for a company called Johnsen and Jorgensen for many years. They manufactured medical and laboratory glass. I believe their main factory was in the Charlton/Woolwich area. During the war a temporary factory was set up in Hildenborough, Kent (Oakfield Works) due to the bombing and he moved there with the company. The business later transferred to South Wales (Cardiff area) and he again moved with the company. I would like to find out more information about the factory in Charlton/Woolwich, where it was located, and if there is anything left to see today. If anyone knows anything about the set up in Hildenborough that would be a bonus.
    With the following reply:- There are a couple of pages about this firm in John Smith's History of Charlton, Vol. III. He says the Charlton factory dated from 1920 and that Wilhelm M.Johnsen and Johan Jorgensen were Norwegian immigrants who came to London as agents for cod liver oil, and polar bears. The eventually imported condensed milk from Norway. They were involved in a glass works at Gottenberg and imported glass. They began glass production in Farringdon Street and then built a factory in the east side of Anchor and Hope Lane, with rail access, designed by Charles Dunch with R.Swager. This was a big works and included a large jetty onto which bottles were imported. The factory made glass phials and hydrometer tubes and this was eventually automated. In 1932 the began to make glass tableware. During the Second World War they stopped importing glass but also moved production to Hildenborough and Cardiff. The onset of the National Health Service led to a boom in bottle making - and they worked as part of an arangment with adjacent United Glass and the offices were moved to Charlton. In 1964 a major fire destroyed much of the premises but new factory was opened in 1966 and by 1970 over 500 workers made them the biggest producers of ampoules and vials in Europe. They moved into plastic mouldings and opened a works in Deptford. From 1970 following company mergers and despite increasing business they began to cut back. Workers were sacked and production moved to Bristol. By 1979 there were only 100 staff left and the 1920s buildings were demolished. In 1981 the factory closed.

    See also the entry in the above Glass Working section.


  5. Guggenheim, Max & Jacques,(c. 1895 - 1939). London.

    12 designs registered from 1897 to 1938 (Info from / notes).

  6. Swift & Lowes, Glass Bottle Merchants & Importers (Estab. 1896). 31 Dermody Road, Lewisham, S.E. 13.

    Hand written on a card, dated 22 MAR 1922, with King George V stamps addressed to Mr. W. Kennel, Chapel Place, Dover. " We are buyers of the following bottles only. G.O.R. London
    Buchanans, Gins, Brandies 15/-. Wines, Burgundies, Sauternes 14/-. Good pints 18/-. 1 lbs jams 8/-. 2 lbs 11/-. 3 lbs 6/-. Pickles 10/-. Sauces 6/-. Vinegar 2nls 24/-. pls 10/-. 1/2pls 10/-. Gilbeys 14/-. Clarets 20/-."
    Postcard listing bottle types bought by the firm.Postcard listing bottle types bought by the firm.Is this firm connected with James Swift listed above offering microscope cover slides etc. ?

    What is a Buchanan? From
    James Buchanan began his whisky career in 1879 as a London agent, but it didn't take long for this savvy businessman to venture out on his own. He soon produced Buchanan Blend which became relied upon by many for its consistency and quality. It was marketed in a black bottle with a white label [bearing a scottie dog] and customers simply started referring to Buchanan Blend as "that black and white whisky". Before the name of the blend was officially changed, another name was introduced. James won a contract [in 1885] to supply the House of Commons with whisky, hence the short-lived, new name of Buchanan's House of Commons Scotch Whisky.