Broadfield House Glass Museum UPDATE January 2014

Dudley Council has agreed that the British Glass Foundation will become a Museum Trust to eventually take over the running of the brand new glass museum. The museum collection will be conserved and ultimately pass to the BGF A developer, Complex Developments, is offering the opportunity to move into a refurbished listed building on the White House Cone site which is opposite the historic Red House Cone site in Wordsley.  Proposed plans for the site have now been published and can be seen through the local press. All this change will need money - a lot of money. At present the BGF has about £25,000 whereas it will need several million.  So how all this will pan out is still in the hands of the Gods and the money market. The good news is that although the Red House cone has subsided a bit it has not so far fallen down.

Rodger Dodsworth, retired on March 1st last year after 35 years as Keeper of Glass and Fine Art, and we wish him well in his retirement. Kari Moody, who many visitors will know, has taken his place so congratulations to her, while her place as Glass Information Officer has been taken over by a new appointee called Alex of whom more anon. Both are on a 2-year secondment.