A History of Glassmaking in London - 2nd Edition

The greatly enlarged (now over 300 pages) second edition of my book is now available although somewhat later than planned. However, it has allowed me to update and include much new information. As well as more illustrations and additions to the earlier years, particularly Ravenscroft's interest in making mirror plates and taking over Buckingham's Vauxhall glasshouse.  The impression that (apart from Whitefriars) glassmaking essentially ceased in London with the closure of Apsley Pellatt is far from the truth. London became a major international centre for new specialist industries such as lighting, heating, radio electronics, mosaics, optics, painted glass, specialist blown glassware, the machine age of bottle making and the related fizzy drinks industry as well as the birth of studio glassmaking. Click on the cover page opposite to get more information, take a look at some of the pages and order a copy.